Rumination Nation

‘Thems who don’t learn from mistakes are destined to repeat them.’

Destined? No, but likely to repeat them.

And I know, ‘Thems’ is bad, but it’s meant to be.

Whatever the quote is – History is destined to repeat or whatever – has been shown to be true time and again in my memory. But ruminating on it, on mistakes and what-might-have-beens, does not one bit of good.

This is not a post on the results of the recent election, or not entirely at least. A good buddy of mine posted on Facebook that he’s going to post altruistic awesomeness – some article or site about someone or someones doing good for others. Selflessly and without expectation of reward. I love this idea. It’s very easy to get caught up in negatives and not easy to break out of being negative. I told this friend that we all win when he posts those positive items.

It’s the same reason that I sometimes like to look at pictures of cute puppies and other baby animals.

I think that this particular deceased equine is sufficiently battered. Onward and upward.


Bogons and other IP Lists I Love to Block

I love the Team Cymru Bogons lists. Bogons are unallocated IP ranges from which you should never receive traffic. These ranges are used in DDoS attacks. Like RFC 1918 addresses, these should be blocked explicitly at your network borders.

Another question I have been asked more than once recently: ‘How do you determine which IP address ranges to block?’

My answer is: It depends. If you have a business that has no interaction with China or Myanmar, find the IP ranges for these places and block them. If you only do business domestically, block the rest. If your device can handle it and has enough memory.

The minimum to block is any and all nations that the US State Department has embargoed. Traffic from Iran is not likely going to be anything but suspect if it’s hitting your firewall.