New Year, New Role – The First Month! Part .5

I have now been in IT for over 20 years – I started in 1996 as a cabling tech, working on phones and data cabling (including IBM mainframe COAX cable, that is some dirty work!)

For that entire span, I have worked mostly as a network engineer and as an infosec engineer. I have found that these two fields can be quite complementary and have had a pretty good run in both fields.

At the beginning of the year, 2017, I started in my new role with LogRhythm, as a Sales Engineer. I am so excited for this opportunity, and I can’t even begin to express how much fun it has been so far. I am just starting to get up to speed, and to be totally honest, we have an awesome SIEM offering. But I want to address the elephant standing on the gorilla in the room…People keep saying,’Oh, you went over to the Dark Side!’

If this is, in fact, the Dark Side, then yes, I have gone and with relish!

But really, all this stuff is so new to me, and this is the first time I have been on this side of the table.

The Sales Engineer is paired with sales execs, and in my case, I have been paired with two very fine human people. We’ll see how that works and translates in to quotas met and all. So far, they have shared with me their philosophies on selling, and we are all simpatico – We don’t do hard sells, we are not going to be cheesy or icky or the like, and we are going to be honest and ethical. Sound like the Dark Side? Nope.

All this drinking from the firehose has left me reeling…In the best possible way!


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