Old Dogs, Part 1.

How do you get motivated to learn new material? How do you then retain that new material and apply it to your career or to earning IT certs?

Since I am debating signing up for a Masters program, I am attempting to get myself in the right frame of mind. I will not have as much free time, I’ll have deadlines, and I won’t be able to muck around on social media sites (LinkedIn is the only one I actively look at, but it’s still just as nefarious a time suck as any of the rest of them!).

The search for novelty will also need to be curtailed – I love to look at MassDrop and see what kinds of things I ‘need’ that I didn’t realize I needed! I have a robotic arm kit sitting next to me here as I write this that has not even been cracked open. This wandering and mindless buying will not work when I have tuition payments to make, even reasonable ones.

Now, I have, in the past, done many IT certifications and at one point I felt like I had a fair amount of momentum and then just lost it. When I lost it, I was not pursuing the certs for myself any longer, really, but more because I had committed to seeing them through. That ended up being an expensive mistake for me, and I still never reached the end goal with the cert in question.

Even now, I have several unread cert-related books that I’ve acquired with all the best intentions. Cloud Security – Yep, gonna be hugely important, should get these books and get certified…You get it.

What ensues is the battle between what I should be doing to be better at my job, versus what I want to be doing to stay current and be employable in the future. Both are important, but there are some times when, no matter how disciplined I am, I can’t stand to do anything related to either.

More to come.


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